Our Mission: That all genealogists become computer genealogists.


The Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego is in the process of merging with the San Diego Genealogical Society. Members should attend SDGS meetings. For more information, see the SDGS website at casdgs.org, transitioning to https://sdgs.wildapricot.org.

Today is Saturday, 23 May 2015.  It's 10:16 am in San Diego.
Do you know where your ancestors are?

(Get the official time.)


Genealogical events in the San Diego area are now announced on the new blog site of the San Diego Genealogical Council at sdgencouncil.blogspot.com.


The following letter was sent to all members and is posted here for your reference. It pertains to the vote scheduled at the April 2015 meeting on the proposal to merge CGSSD with the San Diego Genealogical Society. The member vote was in the affirmative. Please click to read it here or download the PDF version.

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Next Meeting Notice

Members are now urged to meet with the SDGS. Here are some details:

The June meeting is cancelled. The proposed merger with the San Diego Genealogical Society was approved by member vote at the April meeting and plans are underway to transfer CGSSD memberships to SDGS. Please attend SDGS meetings this month for more information.

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